Dongsuh Companies, Inc. seeks to evolve into a global comprehensive food company creating future values with human-oriented management and contributing to society based on the principles of fair and transparent

Established in 1975, Dongsuh has been creating future values of contributing to society while enhancing corporate values through efficient management with corporate philosophies of righteous management and business rationalization.

Embarking on a corporate journey following the establishment of its packaging business, Dongsuh is seeing constant and stable growth thanks to endless R&D, strict quality control, and service improvement for customer satisfaction while expanding business fields to food material distribution, overseas sales, and agent of procurement & export.

After completing the first factory in Banweol Industrial Complex in 1989, which marked the commencement of full-fledged production and sales of food material packaging including flexible packaging, the packaging business has been enjoying growth in both quantity and quality thanks to investment in production facilities.

The food business division of Dongsuh has been leading the Korean food material market thanks to constant product development and strict quality control for decades since the birth of Richis, our own food material brand in 1995. We offer diverse products to suit the needs of different customers including, but not limited to, canned fruits and tea variants such as "Richis Beverage," "Fruit Cocktail," and "Pineapple" while endeavoring to meet market demand by coming up with new products and launching premium products based on the goal of ultimate customer satisfaction.

The tea business division was launched in 2004, armed with topnotch production and packaging facilities in order to provide top-quality tea products. It is working hard to position itself as the best tea company in the world.

Dongsuh realizes healthy financial structure and management transparency by pursuing internal stability and substance of management rather than mere growth of size. It will grow together with stockholders and customers by enhancing corporate values through progressive and efficient management while responding to rapid market changes flexibly and proactively.