Business Field

Packaging Business

Dongsuh has been leading the local packaging industry
after launching its own packaging business in 1981.
  • High-performance facilities such as 9-color Gravure printing machine, Tandem Co-extrusion coating, Laser scribing device, and Slitter
  • Capable of providing packaging with reliable quality and competitiveness while maintaining great printing speed
  • High quality and service to meet customers’ needs by implementing systematic quality control system (certifications: ISO 9001:2015, KS Q ISO 9001:2015)

Flexible packaging process


Printing Detail View

Extrusion Laminating

Extrusion Laminating Detail View

Laser Scribing

Laser Scribing Detail View


Slitter Detail View

Printing Close
  • 9-color-Gravure printing
  • Fast wide printing
Extrusion Laminating Close
Extrusion Laminating
  • Tandem Coextrusion Type
Laser Scribing Close
Laser Scribing
  • Production of functional Easy-Cut packaging
Slitter Close
  • Printing in customized width available upon request

Fields of research

Through the creation of new packaging technology, Dongsuh is always researching that can be useful for daily life of customers from developing food packaging materials to functional films and coatings, and eco-friendly processes.

Development products of Dongsuh include technologies applied to coffee mix packaing ; low-temperature sealing products , easy-cut films, soft coating products with excellent touch feeling, etc. In addition, through various packaging processing technology development, is possession in eco-friendly printing, water-based extrusion coating product manufacturing technology and a patent related to eco-friendly technology. In addition, the development of a functional easy-to-use film that has improved consumer convenience and succeeded in localization is leading the packaging industry at home and abroad, and has been trusted by customers for quality comparable to overseas excellent products.

Dongsuh will make every effort to develop high-quality products based on the accumulated high technology to create a more prosperous life, and will always provide the optimum quality and service required by customers.

Flexible packaging

General packaging Specifications Main features
Mix coffee Stick PET / PE / AL / PE / Functional Film High packaging line speed / Low-temp sealing
Brewed coffee Stick Functional Coating / PET / PE / AL / PE / Functional Film Outstanding exterior / High packaging line speed / Low-temp sealing
Refill Bag (Vending machine) etc PET / PE / AL(vmPET) / PE / LLD Protection of the contents, Excellent adhesion / Bulk type auto-roll packaging
Prima packaging NY / PE / LLD Excellent impact resistance / Bulk type auto-roll packaging
Packaging for confectionery PET / EMAA / vmCPP, PET / Metalizing / PE / CPP Flavor retaining & Moisture barrier
Soft Coating Soft Coating / PET / PE / AL / PE / Functional Film Luxurious appearance and Soft touch

Functional film

Products name Main features Grade Purpose
Easy Peel Film Delaminating Easy-Peel film (PP, PE Tray) High Strong Peel DS-304PN Tofu, Instant rice, Coffee of Cup, Yogurt, Snack
Medium Peel DS-302PN, DS-302CN
Light Peel DS-301PN, DS-601PN, DS-501EN, DS-301CN
Easy cut Film Easy Tear function RF, LHRF, mRF Film Confectionery, Medical, Industrial

Current test equipment

Facility name Purpose
DSC Analysis of thermal characteristic
OTR Tester Analysis of gas permeability
WVTR Tester Analysis of moisture permeability
FT-IR Analysis of unknown specimen
Heat Gradient Tester Analysis of heat sealing capability
Adhesiveness measurement device Analysis of adhesive strength in layer
Automatic thickness
measuring device
Analysis of film thickness
Haze Meter Analysis of optical properties
Facility name Purpose
Grind gauge Analysis of particle size of specimen
Autoclave For sterilizing specimen
Microscope Analysis of film structure
Gas Chromatography Quantitative analysis of
volatile specimen
Friction Tester Analysis of film coefficient of
friction of film
Universal Testing Machine Analysis of film structure Mechanical properties of film (Tensile strength, elongation, stiffness)
Thermohygrostat Capable of maintaining stable
temperature and humidity
Melt Indexer Analysis of polymer flow characteristics