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Food Business

Enriching your table and lifestyle!

Initiating food service and distribution

The food business division of Dongsuh has pioneered the food service and wholesale distribution in Korea, supplying approximately 150 food and beverage products. "Richis", the brand born from the business vision of Dongsuh in 1995 as a food distribution specialist, served as an important basis for us to lead the food distribution market in Korea thanks to reliable quality and reasonable prices.

Diversification of products to boost consumer satisfaction

The food business division of Dongsuh is offering quality food materials from renowned global brands as well as basic food materials including fruit cocktail and sweet corn under the brand of "Richis" in the Korean market. The products introduced by Dongsuh in Korea -- such as Philadelphia Cream Cheese as the representative brand of cream cheese, Ocean Spray juice, HALO TOP, Red Bull energy drink, walnuts from Diamond Nuts, and San Benito tomato sauce -- have widened the range of choices for Korean consumers.

Distribution experiences from working with global food companies

Dongsuh has accumulated distribution experiences and know-how for 20 years from working
closely with local and international food and beverage producers, especially with multinational
food company Mondelez. We are also making concerted efforts to introduce Korean products
of great quality to the global market while continuing to supply food and beverage products
with unmatched quality and reasonable prices. Such efforts also involve penetrating the online
channel for wider marketing activities to reach even more consumers.