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Tea Business

The consumption of tea for an extended period provides
both physical energy and psychological stability.
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The Tea business division of Dongsuh leads efforts to induce more people to enjoy tea while promoting a positive tea culture by providing a wide variety of tea products in line with the social consumption trends of prioritizing physical and mental well-being. The division introduced topnotch tea bag packaging facilities in 2004 to supply diverse tea products such as green tea with brown rice, Solomon's seal tea, and other teas based on the various crops familiar to the public, including facilities for the triangle tea bag as the new type of tea bag for prime products like black tea while expanding the company’s product base in 2016. We also come up with ingredients based on black tea and green tea for processed foods to be supplied both locally and internationally.

Production process and hygiene control

We are implementing strict hygiene and quality control for all products. We ship safe products only through multi-step quality assurance for ingredients going through complete history tracking including the origin of materials and safety inspection.

  • Origin control

  • Processing ingredients

  • Pre-packaging safety inspection

  • Packaging intermediate inspection

  • Pre-shipment safety inspection

The stability and reliability of our hygiene control for all production processes have been proven by the Food Safety Control Certificate awarded to us in 2015, and we still continue to upgrade our safety control system. Dongsuh has acquired a Halal Certificate for powdered green tea to produce goods suitable for the Sharia in 2017, which will be an opportunity for us to come up with diverse products for Islamic consumers.


Preventive food safety control

Dongsuh is applying preemptive controls to block harmful chemicals and germs from all ingredients and products in order to ensure the well-being of consumers. Specifically, we are equipped with the top facilities and analysis capabilities in Korea regarding pesticide residue, Mycotoxin, and microorganisms. We endeavor to enhance efforts to collect information on harmful substances, and we have established a system for the immediate retrieval and inspection of products distributed in the market in case of an emergency.

Food and ingredient researches

Dongsuh is concentrating its efforts on developing and commercializing new products to fulfill the needs of consumers through constant R&D activities. We are offering market-leading products by taking the latest trends into account and conducting diverse researches to improve the quality and values of current representative products such as brown rice green tea, Solomon's seal tea, and buckwheat tea.

  • Determination of product concept

    Determination of product concept

  • Ingredient research and exploration

    Ingredient research and exploration

  • Processing test

    Processing test

  • Product review (mix proportion, sensory test, etc.)

    Product review
    (mix proportion, sensory test, etc.)

  • Application of packaging

    Application of packaging

  • Final setup of production processes

    Final setup of production processes

Dongsuh is conducting fundamental research to supply products made of various materials and ingredients to local food companies. We are constantly endeavoring to identify the trends in state-of-the-art technologies and apply them to our own processes and expanding the customer base by developing powdered green tea products of different functionality. We will come up with new products of great values based on tea ingredients for health-oriented functions.

Lab equipment details

Equipment name Purpose
GC / MS / MS Analysis of pesticide residue in samples
LC / MS / MS Analysis of harmful substances such as pesticide residue and mycotoxin in samples
GC / MS-DHS-TDU Analysis of off-flavor, off-smell, and scent in samples
GC / PFPD, ECD, NPD Analysis of other harmful substances such as pesticide residue in samples
HPLC / FLD, DAD Analysis of functional ingredients and other harmful substances in samples
NIR Analysis of functional ingredients such as amino acid in samples
ICP-OES Analysis of heavy metal in samples
UV-Vis spectrometer Analysis of functional ingredients of tea
VIDAS Rapid analysis of pathogenic microorganism

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