Business Field

Food Research

We create the new paradigm
for the food business.


Set up in 1995 in an effort to contribute to the establishment of a brand new food culture, Dongsuh Food Lab is engaged in in-depth research of food material products in order to fulfill the needs of consumers pursuing "Well-Life."

Fields of research

In the field of food material, Dongsuh Food Lab is working closely with renowned food material suppliers and processors to improve its own processes and control quality in order to improve the overall quality of the "Richis" lineup, which is establishing itself as the representative brand in the food material market for restaurants. We are also collaborating with Dongsuh Oil Co., Ltd., the affiliate of the group and the first oil supplier to acquire the HACCP certificate, to develop oil and fat products for restaurants such as margarine, cooking oil, and specially processed products.

From basic research to commercialization

We are working on constant product development and research so that we can offer food products that cater
to the preferences of Korean consumers through improvements of suitability, convenience,
and safety of products while pursuing the improvement of processing technologies
by accumulating processing know-how and developing new processes.
Dongsuh will put efforts into R&D activities from basic research to introduction
and commercialization of new products to fulfill the needs of consumers.